3 Bottles Chardongay + Free Tote Bag

A quality Chardonnay from the South of France with a bright, cheerful character and an extravagant touch. You know what they say: ‘the best things come in three’

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Blue, Gray, Red


JAB City Velvet, 100% Polyester, HR Foam

Size & Weight

H: 40 x L: 46 x D: 46 cm
7 kg

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1 review for 3 Bottles Chardongay + Free Tote Bag

  1. Martijn

    Love this delicious wine and amazing bag, will definitely come back! Thanks for the Fast delivery and lovely personal packaging!

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The values love and respect are paramount to us, but also assertiveness, pleasure and safety is very important. Above all, Chardongay is very very delicious (just like his audience).

Besides that, Chardongay is not only just a very nice wine. We also want to express our support to the LGBTQIA+ community. We think it is important that everyone can be who he/she/else wants to be. We will donate part of the profit to a different LGBTQIA+ Charity.